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The Highlands At Home: Transforming Interiors with Scottish Landscape Wall Art

When it comes to interior design, the art you choose plays a pivotal role in shaping the ambience and character of a space. Scotland's rugged landscapes, lochs, and wildlife inspire so many people. They present a chance for us to switch off from our day-to-day life and get back to nature. We wouldn't want to capture any other area!

With that said, the Highlands is a beautiful place to focus on when looking for wall art. The landscapes lend themselves to decor that instils emotion and captures attention, whether the scene is peaceful or dramatic.

In this blog, we're going to inspire you a little more by sharing how some of our canvases and frames can transform interiors & elevate the aesthetics of any room.

Where To Start With Scottish Landscape Wall Art

Selecting Scottish landscape wall art for your home should begin with a clear understanding of the intended ambiance and atmosphere of each space. Focus on:

  • The purpose of your room

  • The emotional impact you want to make

  • The existing colour scheme

  • The existing decor

From there, consider the dimensions of the artwork to your available wall space and placement amongst your furniture & decor. Think about how the use of framing can add further impact.

The final thing? Selecting a piece based on your personal connection. Do you enjoy sunrises & sunsets? Are you always guided more toward beaches, lochs, or mountains? You want to love the art you choose just as much as you want it to fit the space you put it in.

Inspiration From Our Scottish Landscape Collection

A moodboard for a bedroom interior featuring a navy blue bed with a picture of a Scottish mountainscape bathed in dawn light & cloud inversion above it.

An Teallach Sunrise

With fluffy clouds and soft dawn light, An Teallach lends itself to bedroom spaces where you want a unique feature for your wall. While this particular image showcases impressive mountain views, it also helps you drift off to sleep and wake up relaxed, surrounded by peaceful skies & tranquility.

As you can see, the sun rises from behind, casting shadows over the mountains to create more depth and contrast to the cloud inversion & candyfloss colours of the sky. You can just make out a half-moon to the top left, which was an unexpected and beautiful feature.

The colour story of this panorama would work well with a range of palettes, from neutral tones that need breaking up, to something bold, blue, or grey.

An interiors moodboard featuring a comfy chair, coffee table, and house plant, with a Scottish Highland landscape canvas above it.

Shieldaig Sunset

Taken at golden hour, Shieldaig Sunset is the perfect landscape to add warmth, jewel tones, and natural Highland beauty to your rooms & spaces.

This image captures Shieldaig nestled below the Torridon hills. The warm evening sun lights up the foreground, adding depth and drama to the mountains behind. Extra intrigue comes from the lochan with its wee island almost mirroring Shieldaig Island in the middle of the photograph.

We think this panorama works well in many different spaces, and it's one of our most popular choices. The warm sunset lends itself to rooms that retain a cozy ambiance or contain rustic decor. The colour palette works well to offset blues, tans, and khakis, or brighten up neutral walls.

An office interiors moodboard, featuring a white wooden desk & chair with a picture of the Bealach Na Ba road at sunrise above it.

The Hill

For rooms that need a true feature, we have The Hill. Taken in November at sunrise, this aerial image shares the drama and rugged beauty of the Bealach Na Ba, the mountain pass that leads to Applecross.

The deeper earthy tones work well with neutral palettes, wooden furnishings, and rustic features. It'd also work well if you're looking for a statement hallway piece that draws the eye and impresses anyone who walks through your front door.

In Conclusion

We think it's clear to see that Scotland boasts some incredible scenery to elevate and enhance any space or room. Choosing artwork can be a lengthy process, and it's important to pay close attention to the dimensions, features, and colours to find a piece that makes a house more of a home.

For further inspiration, make sure you take a look at our full range of Scottish Photography.


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