Our Frames

Although our canvases can stand alone as finished pieces for your wall we also add various styles of frame to increase their impact. We like to use local materials with an interesting story and a strong link to the landscape.

An Teallach Sunrise

Larch Post Frames and Floating Post Frames

Our unique frames are constructed of local Larchwood. They are truly a part of Applecross having grown here, been milled here into fenceposts at the now defunct Applecross sawmill, and used to fence the Pine tree plantation on the Bealach na Ba which was felled a few years ago.

You can actually see the very posts used in our 'Applecross Bay from the Bealach na Ba' picture

Jack saw the potential to give them another lease of life as these beautifully rustic frames. Each one is totally individual after being weathered naturally for 50 years. 

Now a limited number are available to frame the canvas of your choice. 

Our Larchwood Post Frames are thicker to suit larger canvas pictures, a statement piece on the wall.

The Floating Post Frames are ideal for smaller canvases. There is a thin gap between the canvas and the frame, creating an illusion of the picture "floating" in the frame, giving it its name.

Browse our collection and choose your canvas and frame by clicking below. 

Larch Post Frames
Floating Post Frames

Watch the video on how our larchwood post frames are made below: