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Hello Everyone!

We're incredibly excited to share our latest video, "Summer Pastures." This film is not just a visual treat; it's a deep dive into the rich history and daily life of the Applecross Fold of Highland Cattle, known as the oldest fold in the UK.

The Applecross Fold has a heritage dating back to the 17th century, if not earlier. Our film captures the mesmerising journey of these magnificent animals as they move from their winter pastures to the freedom of the glen in summer. It's an experience that connects us to a timeless tradition and the natural beauty of the Highlands.

As coo lovers ourselves, we've crafted this film for those who share our fascination and love for these majestic creatures.

A special thanks to Mike Summers, Floortje van Schuppen, Alan Gillies, Marion Edwards, and Mike Edwards for their invaluable contributions to making this film a reality.

We would love to hear your thoughts on "Summer Pastures." What did you think of the film? Drop a comment below and let us know!

And don't forget, if you're captivated by the charm of Highland cows, you can explore the collection here.


Situated in the heart of Scotland's Highlands, Glen Coe stands as a testament to nature's enduring beauty. We're excited to introduce our latest endeavour—the Glen Coe Collection. Comprising nine carefully curated panoramic photographs, this collection captures the essence of Glen Coe's majestic peaks, tranquil waters, and awe-inspiring landscapes.

"It's been a privilege to camp high in these hills over the past few years to create this collection. I hope you enjoy them." Jack Marris

Exploring Glen Coe's Distinctive Beauty

Jack's exploration of Glen Coe is evident in every photo of this collection. His unique perspective, gained from camping high in the hills, reveals a landscape shaped by the forces of nature. Glen Coe appears as though the earth itself has been sculpted, creating the diverse valleys and peaks that define its unique character. Take a look at the collection below, and learn a little about each image.

This is an aerial panorama taken in May 2023, looking over the Aonach Eagach and Glen Coe at sunset. The Aonach Eagach is widely known as the narrowest ridge in mainland Britain. It's right above the road that goes through Glen Coe, which you can make out below the river to the left and right-hand sides.

In the image, you can also see the Three Sisters of Glen Coe, also known as the Bidean nam Bian Mountain. Beyond the highest point of the ridge, you can see the path of Glen Coe snaking upward. On the far right, you have Loch Linnhe.

You might be able to tell but this panorama was taken on the same trip as the above image, and it gives Aonach Eagach a chance to really show off! By placing the drone further down, you get more of a silhouette of the ridge, emphasising just how sheer the drops are on either side.

This image was taken from the top of Aonach Eagach the morning after Jack had captured the ridge itself at sunset. The dawn light showcases Bidean nam Bian alongside Three Sisters of Glen Coe, which you can see almost diving down into the cloud inversion, which adds a more ethereal quality to the final image.

This is the Ballachulish Bridge, which opened in 1975 and marks the point where Loch Linnhe meets Loch Leven. Before the bridge, a turntable ferry was used to transport cars, which you can now find at Glenelg, and you can see the old slipway on the right-hand side of the bridge. Jack reached this point later in the evening to capture the rich pink and gold tones of the sky alongside the last of the sun's rays on the mountaintops. He was lucky enough to have a boat crossing under bridge at the same time too! This image is also featured in our 2024 Calendars.

Here we have Càrn Mòr Dearg with Ben Nevis behind it. Jack chose to Càrn Mòr Dearg to focus more on the magnificent north face of the UK's highest peak. Originally he had planned to get this image at sunrise, but sadly the weather was not cooperating and he woke up surrounded by cloud. He decided to wait as long as possible, and at 1:30pm, it finally cleared, with the afternoon light emphasising the steep ridges. As you can see, it's possible to complete an adrenaline-fuelled hike along the ridge from CMD to Ben Nevis, complete with incredible views.

This particular hike was also filmed, so you get to go behind the scenes and see exactly what goes into one of Jack's mountain photography hikes. You can watch the film below!

Jack captured this sunrise back in August 2022, from the top of Beinn a' Chrùlaiste. You can clearly make out the A82 running through Glen Coe, which is the main road that runs up to Fort William from Glasgow, a stunning route. The focal mountain in the shot is Buachaille Etive Mòr, one of the most captured peaks in Scotland. It translates to Great Herdsman of Etive. Just behind it is where they filmed an iconic scene in the James Bond film, Skyfall. This does mean that Beinn a' Chrùlaiste isn't as much of a popular hike, but the views from the top are as rewarding as any!

This is that same view from a slightly lower altitude a few hours later! The light completely transforms the scene, amplifying the green summer foliage. Whenever Jack camps for a sunrise image he only gets a few hours sleep because the nights are so short. On this day, he'd gone back to sleep for a couple more hours, and when he woke up, he was greeted with this wonderful cloud inversion, which we're sure you agree was worthy of another picture.

Here is Glencoe village, taken via drone in August 2022. To the left is Sgorr na Ciche, the Pap of Glencoe. Directly through the glen, you can see Bidean nam Bian. Jack captured this image in the early evening, while the light was still bright, so you get all the wonderful greens and blues. You can also make out the moon at the top centre of the image, a nice extra touch.

This aerial image showcases the true majesty of the glen itself, with the river and A82 winding through the middle. Jack took the drone a little lower down so the sun was setting directly over the Aonach Eagach, really capturing that knife edge of the ridge. The light illuminates the Three Sisters to the left, and if you follow their ridges up, you reach their peak, Bidean nam Bian. You can also see some waterfalls to the left of the image, which are known as 'the meeting of the three waters', and are spectacular to view from the road.


Bring Scottish Highland Photography Into Your Home

The Glen Coe Collection is available in various canvas sizes, allowing you to select the perfect fit for your space. To enhance the impact and add a rustic touch, you can complement your chosen image with one of our frame options. Whether you opt for a small canvas or a larger statement piece, these photographs will add natural beauty and a touch of the Scottish Highlands to any room.

Right now the collection is available for Pre-Order, expected to ship on Tuesday, 28th November.

We're excited for you to discover our latest collection of greetings cards that showcase the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands. With iconic locations like Glen Coe, Isle of Skye, and the Applecross Peninsula, these are more than just greetings cards – they're authentic pieces of art, handcrafted in Scotland.

Our Scottish Greetings Card Locations

Our greetings card range features many Scottish locations, some we're sure you'll recognise. Many of the cards keep the image in true panoramic form to showcase the photo in its best form. Our range of wildlife photos is also included, for any coo or stag lovers needing celebrating!

Take a Look at some of the range below using the arrows.

Eco-Friendly Approach

We're dedicated to preserving Scotland's beauty, which extends to our greetings cards. These cards are printed on carbon-balanced paper, certified by the World Land Trust, ensuring both quality and environmental responsibility. By choosing our cards, you're not just sharing Scotland's beauty but doing so with an eco-conscious touch, making your message even more meaningful.

Personalised Greetings

We understand the importance of personalisation. That's why all our cards are left blank on the inside, providing ample space for your message. Additionally, each card features the names of mountain peaks or points of interest, allowing you to share the specific locations with your recipient.

The inside of a panoramic greetings card showcasing scotland. You can see the mountain range featured in black and white at the bottom with peak names across it.

What You Need To Know

Our exclusive greetings cards are available for just £2.50 each. And here's the best part: when you buy six cards and use the code 'multibuy' at checkout, you'll get them all for just £12.50 – effectively one card for free. With the festive season coming up, this could be a great option to send your nearest and dearest a Christmas card that's different from the rest.

Whether you're sending warm wishes, celebrating special moments, or spreading a bit of Scottish charm, our greetings cards are the perfect choice. Explore Scotland's beauty through our cards and make your messages truly unforgettable.

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