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Back in May 2018 we launched our crowdfunding campaign to purchase a flagship aerial drone camera. The campaign was live for 35 days and by the end of it on 19th June we had successfully raised £6,601. A huge thank you to all who pledged and shared the campaign! We are incredibly happy with the result and humbled by all your support. We have now sent out all the rewards.


The footage and photographs Jack has been able to capture with the existing drone camera have been very popular and offer a lot of potential. With a flagship drone camera, he will be able to take photographs with a higher quality resolution, so that we can print them in a large size like we usually do with other photos in the gallery. This sort of drone camera also comes with interchangeable lenses which offer more flexibility.


This is why we think it's time to upgrade. In the future, we could use photographs taken with the drone in coffee table books, calendars and much more.

Read more about the campaign and watch the video by clicking the link below!


Tom Keymer

Roger Blofeld

Joyce Sibbald

Milja Rantanen

Sue Perks

Heather McDonald

Maureen Morrison

David Wilson

Mr Barry Deighton Corbett

John Cormack

Angela Morris

José Guillermo Carrasquilla Cachada

Sandra Jean Glover


Roderick B Newbery

Marie Murray

Ginetta Tym


Mark Phelan

Felicity Couch

Derek McCathie

Alison Gorst

Valerie Macpherson

Susan Weaver

Mary Parkinson


Susan Elizabeth Gibbs

Paul Turnbull

Neil Borthwick

Anne Bernard

Graham Chadwick

Pene Morgan

Peter Park

Ladysmith Guest House

Torsten Ach

Chloe Hext

Dennis Weatherill

Clare Troupe

Mark Longworth

Ron Kitchin

Maiju Viitanen

Liz Fisher

Rebecca Booth

Suzanne and Chris Warmer

Peter Hinxman

Bernard Watkins

Carl Bentley

Kathleen & Greig Munro

Susan Marcer

Stuart Harrison

Sascha McDonnell

Michael Foster

Stephen Bramley

Ewen Davidson

Neil Green

Steven Byrne

Ron Hogg

Mirek Haleński

Moray Fraser

Gill Granger


Julian Newton

Kalie Wilkinson

Sarah Collier

Ian Humphrey

Angela Morris

Mairi Anne Cormack

Judith Fish

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