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Embracing Sustainability: Applecross Gallery's Green Commitment

At Applecross Gallery, we're not just about pictures; we're all about preserving the incredible landscapes that inspire our Scottish Highland and Wildlife Photography. Let's dive into how we're making that happen through some simple but powerful sustainable choices.

Frames with a Story

Our frames are more than just pretty borders; they have a history. Crafted from local Larchwood, these frames were once part of the Applecross landscape and used as fence posts at the old sawmill.

You can see the very posts we use to the right of our 'Applecross Bay from the Bealach na Ba' picture!

Now, thanks to Jack's vision, they've been given a new lease on life. Weathered for over 50 years, each frame tells a unique tale of resilience and rustic charm. By picking one up, you're not just choosing a frame; you're adopting a piece of Applecross history.

Carbon-balanced Greetings Cards

Our commitment to green living doesn't stop at frames—it extends to our greetings cards. We print them on carbon-balanced paper certified by the World Land Trust.

What does that mean? Simply put, the emissions from making these cards are offset by supporting the Carbon Balanced program. It's a win-win: you get a beautiful card, and we all get to play a part in protecting vital ecosystems from deforestation and degradation.

What You Should Know

When you shop with us, you're contributing to a business that aims to use local resources where possible, alongside making sure we're having a green impact. We're looking to make a difference, one frame, card, or Highland moment at a time!


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