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Flora and Calum Floating Post Frame

Flora and Calum Floating Post Frame

Archival quality handmade canvas print of Highland cow best friends Flora and Calum from the historic Applecross Fold framed in an Applecross larch fencepost frame. Read the story behind the image below.




This adorable image of Highland cow calf best friends Flora and Calum is one of 800 photographs that Jack took over two days in early spring 2021. Here in the gallery the team couldn’t agree on one image from the 800 to print and publish so after much deliberation we narrowed it down to a shortlist of eight and put it to our Facebook followers to pick their favourite. Of these eight it became apparent there were two clear favourites, this image, ‘Flora and Calum’ and another of proud mum Bonnie showing off her twin calves (view it here). What could we do but listen and publish both!


At the gallery, we particularly love this image as we feel it perfectly encapsulates the personalities of this mischievous duo. Jack explained that when he was taking photographs of Flora, Calum and all their friends, these two were clearly inquisitive and looked like they wanted to investigate him further but were very shy so kept their distance. We can definitely see a cheeky sparkle in their eyes!   


Flora and Calum, are part of the Applecross Fold of Highland Cattle which is the oldest pedigree fold in the UK. According to herd record books their history can be traced back to at least 1700 and it’s likely the fold was around long before that. 


If you are planning a trip to visit us in person, you may see these cattle in the fields that run along the road leading to the Applecross Walled Garden and Applecross House. Please be aware that although Highland cattle are generally a docile breed, they can still be highly unpredictable, especially when young calves are involved so don’t approach them and definitely don’t enter their field. Jack was only able to get close enough to take these images due to the kindness of Michael Summers and Floortje van Schuppen who look after, feed and even occasionally halter train these beautiful animals. He would like to extend an immense level of gratitude out to them as I think we can all agree that the end result was two stunning images.    


The canvases can be bought and hung as they are or they can be upgraded with one of our unique larch fencepost frames. Click here to read more about them, or here to watch our short film which tells the story of their provenance. 


We can frame the 12”x8” canvas size using the thinner divider fenceposts. The canvas is fitted into the frame and carefully spaced out to give an even gap between the canvas and the frame on all edges to create the effect of the canvas floating in the frame. We fix a string across the back of the frame from which they can be hung. We suggest hanging all frames from two hooks to support them and allow them to hang flat against your wall.


As the frames are made from natural weathered material they are all unique, some of them even still have remnants of moss or rust marks from fencing staples and wire! There is a finite number of these posts so this is certainly a limited product. Why not treat yourself while you can and have a piece of Applecross history to hang in your house. 

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