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Enshrined in Cloud Canvas

Enshrined in Cloud Canvas

Introducing a very limited edition image. Only 25 printed on canvas will ever be made. 


This stunning image was taken during a December 2015 camp on Beinn na h-Eaglaise which means ‘Hill of the Church’ in Gaelic. Standing at 736m tall and therefore classified as a Graham, Beinn na h-Eaglaise is much less well known than the famous Torridon Munros which surround it. After a tiring snowy climb, it was unfortunate that when Jack awoke in his tent in the morning he found himself almost completely enveloped in clouds which appeared to spoil an otherwise perfect sunrise. It was only in late 2022, 7 years after he made the trip, that Jack realised he had captured this image showing the spectacular, almost ethereal view across to the Torridon mountains. On the left of the image you can see Beinn Alligin and on the right, the mighty Liathach. In the centre you can also see Baosbheinn and Beinn Dearg and if you look closely, at the feet of these mountains you can see the township of Fasaig, Torridon. The beautiful ‘Nordic pink’ and gradient of the sky can sometimes be seen at dawn and dusk during a snowy winter. 


The 25 canvases come in a range of sizes: 

Only 19 available at 22”x8”.

Only 3 available at 40”x16”. This size now sold out.

Only 2 available at 60”x22”.

Only 1 available at 80”x30”.

All canvases will be numbered out of 25 in the bottom left corner and signed by Jack in the bottom right corner.


The canvases can be bought and hung as they are or they can be upgraded with one of our unique larch fencepost frames. Click here  to read more about them, or here to watch our short film which tells the story of their provenance. 

We can frame the 22”x8” versions in a Floating Post style, see here for what this looks like. The 40”x16” size can be framed in two different ways, either in our classic Larch Post style as seen here. Or alternatively, in our newer Walnut Blasted Frames which are made out of the same fence posts which have been blasted by tiny pieces of walnut shell to remove the softer exterior wood. This leaves the posts with beautiful patterns from the exposed natural grain of the wood and gives the overall frame a more classically ‘finished’ look. Click here to see this style of frame feature in its web exclusive combined with our limited edition canvas. Remember there are only 3 canvases available in thi